Being burned out (again)

Being burned out (again)

I know I know, this is like the first post in 4 months. I started this blog with energy, enthusiasm, and motivation, but we're humans and we may burn out. I'm not an exception.

I'm studying for a Bachelor in Business Administration, a Frontend web development Bootcamp, I have a full-time job, teach English in my free time and I'm almost done with my startup (an online academy).

A lot of things to do and sometimes I feel frustrated about it, but there's always some time to take a pause and think about the things you're doing. I reject the burned-out mindset (maybe I'm just in the denial phase) but as I mentioned, we're humans, and we can't stand a lot of things at the same time.

You may feel the same way, having a lot of projects, either personal or part of your job, a lot of things to study, preparing for a job interview, or simply working for a promotion in your current job. Those things can stress you out, so I have some recommendations of what I did these four months, hopefully, it'll help you out.

1. Stop and drink a beer

It's difficult to recognize that you're burning out, but there are some clues when you're almost in the burned-out zone you can acknowledge. Make a pause, specifically to think about your current routine, and ask yourself some questions, such as: Am I getting a healthy rhythm? Is this thing that I'm doing too important to continue doing it? What are the benefits I get from this? Am I being dedicated to my job or just obsessed?

Maybe I was too extreme when talking about alcohol, if you don't drink, substitute it for something you like. Reading a book, go outside, jog, do exercise, whatever you like and you're in the mood to do it.

I realized that when you do something different or something that's not related to technology, you can free up your mind and evaluate the things you're doing. I drink beers (I don't drive when I do it, because I do it at home and you should do the same). I release some of my worries and relax because I work too hard to get things done, but working too hard is not healthy. There should be some time to relax and do different things.

You're not going to fail if you dedicate one, two, five hours, one day, one week, or a month if you do something different.

2. Organize your ideas

After you relax, organize your activities and all the things you want to accomplish at once before being burned out.

When we burn out, that means that we lose control over the things we're doing. Remember you're the owner of your destiny, so you control what are the things you need to do.

To achieve great task management skills, you need to think, plan and organize what you have to do. Organize tasks will relieve what you want to accomplish.

3. Avoid what's not important

We work too hard that we forget what's really important. Are you working too hard for a promotion? Is that really important? Did you know if you die, you're going to have a replacement in the company the next day?

Some things are not fair, but what really matters are the things you like in life. You Only Live Once (YOLO), so dedicating too much time to something that won't give you a completely satisfied soul is not worthy.

I'd recommend you to enjoy your lifestyle. I know achieving your goals and working for them are important, but if you're getting stressed out and you're almost in a burned-out state, maybe that won't make you happy after all. Take a break please, and evaluate if your hard work will be valuable in the future.

4. Search for help

In June 2021, in my 27 years old, was the first time I consulted with a psychologist, I didn't know I needed one, but that helped me out.

I don't recommend you to go to the psychologist right away, but sometimes, we need to express our feelings to somebody. Find a friend you trust and tell them the way you feel.

Burning out is not worthy when we live a short life, asking for help will allow us to free up those feelings and have an objective piece of advice.

If you feel like that, feel free to send me an email to and I can help you out, at least by listening how you feel and giving my thoughts about it.